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Let me take the wheel and I'll crash this car, do u have to make this so hard?

Don't Flatter yourself sweetheart!

18 July
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What would you say if I asked you not to go
To forget everyone, forget everything and start over with me Would you take my hand and never let me go
Promise me you'll never let me go
And the stars aren't out tonight,
But neither are we to look up at them
Why does hello feel like goodbye?
These memories can't replace,
These wishes I wished and dreams I chased
Take this broken heart and make it right
I feel like I lost everything when you're gone
Left remembering what it's like to have you here with me I thought you should know, You're not making this easy I never thought I'd be the one to say
Please don't, well please don't leave me
take my hand and never let me go,
I'll fall asleep tonight, 'cause that brings me closer to you"
~Promises//Matchbook Romance~

"here it goes, and this wont take long
just let me dedicate a song
to a girl who turned this boy to stone
and you know who you are
heres a hint, she doesnt have a car
or the time to be in love with me
why did you say
this feeling has to stay
left me to wait for so long
you dont have to stay
but i hope that you would anyway
all you do is up and go
excuse me, but this wont take long
i'm sorry for writing you this song
but just what do you think you deserve
because when you had the chance, for romance
you burned it at both ends
i guess i'm not sorry in the least
what made you say
this feeling has to stay
breaking this off for so long" up and go ~starting line~

Its so simple and complicated the way you can crush me No matter how much this hurts This is through I get as far as your door before I get caught I make up excuses just to touch you and I can't stop, I can't stop So are we playing for keeps These days begin and they don't end for weeks Leave me left out of anything to do with you Excuse me while I fall apart don't flatter yourself sweetheart Let me take the wheel and I'll crash this car Do you have to make this So hard Your so good At pretending everything is alright Your as welcome as cancer but my door is always unlocked
Fall Out Boy,Anberlin, Don't Look Down, Punchline- June 12
Matchbook Romance/ Midtown Nov 12th
Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu Nov 20th
Senses Fail Dec 17